1. Can we book a DJ online?

Absolutely!  LA Mobile DJs makes it easy to fill out our BOOKING agreement online.  We are also happy to assist you fill out the form via telephone.  After receiving your booking agreement, an LA Mobile DJs representative will contact you to confirm receipt.

2. Can I create my own list of music online through LA Mobile DJs website?

LA Mobile DJs has an easy to use online MUSIC SELECTION, where you can create a MUST play list as well as a DO NOT play list.  If your song is not in our database, chances are the title has not been updated in our servers. In this rare case, select the "Custom Song" button located in the MUSIC SELECTION area and simply enter the artist/song title and we will have it at your event.

3. Can we plan our event online with a time line of the events?

We allow you to plan your entire event online with all pertinent details and time line information. There is no charge for this feature. You will be able to access this feature via our CLIENT LOGIN page, once you have completed the BOOKING process.

4. Can our guest’s login online and requests songs for our event?

Your guests can login to your party details and requests songs as guests. There will be an email sent to you with a separate login created for your guests (upon request).

5. I hate the Internet.  Can we talk with a representative?

Absolutely!  Call us at 310-795-5235 and a representative will talk you through all of the necessary steps.

6. I want to meet my DJ. Can we meet up with our DJ?

Our DJs will meet with clients for weddings and large events before any contracts are signed. This way, the DJ will address any concerns you may have prior to the day of your event.

7. Will there be a charge for set up time?

Sometimes there may be a charge for really BIG events or extremely awkward access where it may take many hours to set up equipment. Most Events DO NOT have a set-up fee.

8. How much time does the DJ require to set up?

For most events like Weddings and Holiday parties, the Set-up is only one (1) hour or less. Sometimes it will take a little more time depending on the access and/or location of the set-up. This time is based on groups of up to 250-300 people. For very large events where more equipment (lighting, speaker and cables) is required, more time will be required.

9. What will the DJ wear for our event?

A classy suit is standard for weddings or formal events. For other events your DJ will dress casual/semi casual depending on the client’s request.  Your DJ will always be well groomed and professional. Feel free to request that the DJ wear the appropriate attire to your event in the planning form or verbally when discussing your event with one of our representatives.

10. How much of the music can we select to be played?

You can select all of the music for the DJ to play if you wish, however, your DJ is VERY experienced and knowledgeable in many different areas of music. The DJ has learned what people like to dance to, crowd climate, and what's appropriate versus inappropriate. The DJs expertise in this area can be very helpful. The ultimate choice is up to the client.

11. Can we have overtime if the event goes longer than anticipated?

Overtime is always available. There is an additional $200.00 per person/per hour. When you are contracted, we make sure you choose an accurate package that suits your particular needs.  In the event the party lasts longer, overtime is available.

12. How far in advance should we book a DJ?

As with any event, the sooner the better. Most popular dates book early and in some cases this can be up to one year in advance. Book early to get what you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

13. At the event, can our guests make song requests?

As long as the guest selection is within the music type the client specified, the DJ will play the song. Sometimes there are songs that clients DO NOT want played and guests have a way of asking for those songs. We will respect our client’s wishes and NOT play those songs. These arrangements can be made during booking or online through our music database.

14. Does the music have to be loud?

Our policy is that we would rather have you asked us to turn the music up rather than turning it down. The volume of background music will be kept at a comfortable level so the guests can converse easily without shouting over the music.  When it is time for dancing, the music level will increase to the appropriate level for dancing. Our sound systems can accommodate large or small venues. Communicate with us and let us know if the music is too loud or too low. We'll create the setting you are looking for!

15. I want a Club DJ to DJ my party. Does LA Mobile Djs have any on their staff?

Our Djs are either in the club or in the field DJing Mobile Events. We only provide you with a DJ with True Talent for any atmosphere you are trying to create. Your event must be perfect and we wouldn't give you less than perfect. Your deserve talent and excellence and that's what we provide.

16. What if the DJ gets sick or can’t make it for some reason?

Your event is just as important to us as it is to you. LA Mobile DJs has NEVER MISSED AN EVENT. But just in case, we have DJs on standby for emergencies or last minute events.

17. How are we assured that LA Mobile DJs will commit to our event?

All events performed by LA Mobile DJs require a complete Booking Agreement from the client along with a Deposit. This will ensure your event date is reserved. EVENTS CANNOT BE RESERVED WITHOUT A COMPLETE BOOKING AGREEMENT AND DEPOSIT.

18. Will you play music if we bring it to you?

We will be happy to play any music the client brings. Any music brought by guests must fit within the limits described by the client. However, with LA Mobile DJs proper planning on our website, we believe it is the responsibility for us to already have the requested music.

19.  When is the balance due?

The balance for the contract is usually due 5 Days before the event date. Sometimes the client may feel more comfortable making the payment earlier, which is acceptable.

20. Will the DJ Drink or smoke at our event?

The DJ will not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke during the show. We do not believe this is professional behavior while a DJ is working your event.

21. Does the DJ take breaks?

The DJ has no scheduled breaks during the show. However, there may be a short period where there is another activity where the DJ will not be required to play music. Sometimes there may be other entertainment or the client may schedule a pause for the music. In that case, the DJ will remain at his/her station ready and waiting the music start time.

22. Do you play CDs or Records?

Just about all of our DJs use Serato Scratch live. Serato Scratch Live is a computer-based program, which allows a DJs Computer Music library to be to used on their turntables. Some DJs use CD Turntables, while other use Record Turntables. Either way, this detail will be cleared with you (the client) to ensure this does not conflict with your needs.

23. Do you have DJ insurance?

Did you know that most locations require DJ services to carry Disc Jockey insurance? LA Mobile DJs carries DJ insurance that is compliant with all locations and event types.

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